Coasting Schooner, Alice S. Wentworth

Scale: 1:48           Class A Scratch Built Model

circa 1936

The Alice S. Wentworth was built in 1863 as the schooner, Lizzie A. Tolles.  In the 1890’s she was sold to Charles and Arthur Stevens of Wells, Maine.  In 1904-1905 she was rebuilt, re-registered and renamed, Alice S. Wentworth, after Captain Stevens favorite niece.

In 1921 Captian Stevens sold the schooner to Zebulon Tilton of Martha’s Vineyard.  The period from 1921-1943 could be said to be prime of the ship’s life.  Zeb and Alice made a reputation for on time delivery and undamaged cargo.

This model depicts the Wentworth in the 1930’s.  It was constructed largely from the information contained in the hand written notebooks of Charles S Sayle, Sr. who worked on the schooner during this time period.  He measured all major features of the vessel, as well as noting rigging details and color schemes.

Including the case, this model occupies a space 37″ long, 15″ wide and 32″ tall.

This model is available for sale.  Specifications and price available upon request through the contact page.