Noank Sloop, Emma C. Berry

Scale: 1:32     Modified Scratch Built Model. 

This model portrays the vessel as it looked after its 1971 restoration at Mystic Seaport was complete.

You may enjoy this short video produced by Mystic Seaport celebrating 150 years of the Emma C. Berry:

On the real vessel, all of the Berry’s standing rigging was served for its entire length.  I had to replicate this at scale.  I did it with the help of a serving machine attached to a slow turning lathe.  The three photos in the middle of the gallery illustrate part of the process, and the two photos just ahead of them titled, “Some head rigging detail” and “Jib” show the results.

Including the case, this model is 34″ long, 16″ wide and 27″ tall.

Emma C. Berry is available for sale.  Purchase price sent on request.