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The November-December issue of Ships in Scale magazine has the first part of the article I wrote about building the Kate Cory.  It’s also the cover story (my first)!  It seems  they plan to publish the rest of the article over the next two issues.  So, January-February, then, March-April will see the article complete.  It is available through hobby shops and from Seaways Publications.  You can order a single copy of any of their past or present issues, or subscribe by visiting their website:

Cover N-D 13

The Jan-Feb 2014 Issue of Ships in Scale magazine is now out and has Part 2 of Scratch Building the Kate Cory.  The final installment will be in the March-April issue.  If you are following the progress in the magazine, let me know what you think.  Drop me a line, either here or from the “Contact me” page.

SiS, Jan Feb 2014

Ships in Scale magazine’s March/April issue is now available and it contains the final installment of  “Scratch Building the Kate Cory”.

Cover M-A 14

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